About Us
We have been providing our services to satisified customers for 7 years, and have experience in all aspects of lawn maintenance.
We bring state-of-the-art commercial equipment from lawnmowers to leaf blowers with us to every jobsite.  We want your lawn to look its best.
We are fully insured.
For your protection, a lawn maintenance company should carry commercial insurance on all trucks and trailers and a separate contractor's policy on the operator and equipment.  Don't be afraid to ask for proof of insurance.
We do change our blades weekly, more often in the spring.  A sharp set ensures a beautiful cut and green lawn.  Dull blades rip the grass and leave a white look to the lawn. 
We do not cut your lawn when it does not need it.  For example, during a dry spell, except at the owner's request.  Many other lawn companies do.